TK1099 is a 20 year vet of the VFX industry. He has a wife and some little clones.

  1. Dave says:

    are you paid a day rate?

    • tk1099 says:

      Flat day rate for a 10hour – 1.5x rate for 6th, 2x for 7th worked.

      • Dave says:

        I’ve been getting hourly rates & normal OT for the past 5-6 years. While its expensive (10% rate) an agent can get a lot of these things worked out. Why do you feel you need to negotiate that kind of pay/rate? Other freelancers I talk to, that doesn’t seem all that common.
        Unless it works out for you, like DreamWorks pays a guaranteed 50 hour weeks but people work like 40’s so its nice to always get the OT pay, then do 50’s when it comes near deadlines.

  2. Vfxartist says:

    … Lets get that 10 hour day brought back down to 8 so you can come home to those clones and have time to spend with them.

    The “myth” that this work can’t be done in an 8 hour day is horsefeathers.  Any company that makes their workers work excesive overtime is a company in trouble.  Hence our whole industry is in trouble.  Our industry has operated in a culture of crisis and miracle last minute deliveries.  This fuels the myth of “how its done”.  I know many shop owners know who worked as artist in companies that were more an abusive relationship than a career. They don’t know any better.

    I do.

    Work 8 hours, earn enough of an hourly wage so that you can live off a 40 hour work week, and go home to your family.  No fx shot, title or prestige should ever get in the way of people spending time with family. Period. And if you don’t have a family, get a bonzai tree, join a rotary club, start your own business, take a night class, do your own art or film.  Just don’t sign up for indentured servitude thinking that somecday, your ship will come in, while you neglect your health, family, pets, and yes, that wilting bonzai tree!

    • X says:

      Vfxartist, you tease!

      Some of us newcomers would love to step in and take some of the work load so people could average around 40 hrs/wk. With talk like that, you might start giving us hope that we could actually have the opportunities to gain experience and a future in this industry! =)

      Great Blog TK1099, so far it’s off to a good start. I’ll check back often.

    • VFXartist:
      I agree with you 200%.

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